Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How to easy set up Network and Cloud server setting?

1. Customer could buy BIXOLON BGT-100P from any shop or from their service provider.

If the customer buy B-Gate from any shop then,

2. Customer get B-Gate Serial Number, Which is written on BGT-100P box.
3. Customer make a call to their Service Provider and tell them B-Gate's serial number.

If the customer buy BGT-100P from their service provider then

2A. Service Provider get BGT-100P serial number, which is written on B-Gate's box.

4. The Service Provider open customer registration web page which is provided by BIXOLON, and fill the customer information (Their name, Cloud IP/ Domain, Customer Shop name (must be unique) and B-Gate Serial Number) and submit.

5. The Customer Registration information will send to BIXOLON Cloud Server
6. When Customer's BGT-100P turn on and connected to the internet then the BGT-100P will automatically request the customer registration information to BIXOLON cloud server.

7. If the customer information already registered by their Service Provider then that information transferred to customer's BGT-100P.

8. BGT-100P store the customer registration information and automatically enable Online-Order Print.

For more information, please contact to MPOS@bixolon.com

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


WEB PRINT API for BGT-100P is now available.

If you need it, please contact to below.


API Information

API Description
makeAlign: Item Alignment Information
makeText: Text Item Information
makePaperFeed: Feed Item Information
makeImage: Image Item Information
makeNVlogo: NV Logo Item Information
makeBarcode12: Barcode Item Information
makePDF417: PDF417 Symbol Information
makeQRCODE: QRCode Symbol Information
makePaperCut: Paper Cut Item Information
makeDKout: Cash Draw Kick Out Item Information
makeBuzzer: Buzzer Sound Item Information
makeCmd: Direct IO Command Item information
makeReinit: Printer Reset Item Information
getDeviceList: Get Connected Printer List Information
getShopList: Get Registered Shop Information
sendData: Send Print Data to Bgate

Online-Order Printing(Cloud printing)

Online-Order printing demonstration is ready. (We use Google Cloud Server)
Please contact to BIXOLON regional sales manager.

If you don't have any contact number, please leave your contact to below. We will get back to you.


Slow printing speed on iOS device via Bluetooth communication

BIXOLON Bluetooth printer supports dual Bluetooth module for fast printing. 
Since it's option, please make sure when placing an order. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Printer Bypass Mode for BGT-100P iOS SDK

Single SDK for BGT-100P (mPOS) and other normal BIXOLON Printer is available.
This mode can be possible by bypass mode in mPOS SDK. 

For more information, please contact to below.


We will get back to you. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Is it possible to connect multi tablet to 1 B-Gate?

1. Multi connection is possible from various host application on Tablet PC. Also when customer needs system integration work, BIXOLON engineer can support this.