Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How to easy set up Network and Cloud server setting?

1. Customer could buy BIXOLON BGT-100P from any shop or from their service provider.

If the customer buy B-Gate from any shop then,

2. Customer get B-Gate Serial Number, Which is written on BGT-100P box.
3. Customer make a call to their Service Provider and tell them B-Gate's serial number.

If the customer buy BGT-100P from their service provider then

2A. Service Provider get BGT-100P serial number, which is written on B-Gate's box.

4. The Service Provider open customer registration web page which is provided by BIXOLON, and fill the customer information (Their name, Cloud IP/ Domain, Customer Shop name (must be unique) and B-Gate Serial Number) and submit.

5. The Customer Registration information will send to BIXOLON Cloud Server
6. When Customer's BGT-100P turn on and connected to the internet then the BGT-100P will automatically request the customer registration information to BIXOLON cloud server.

7. If the customer information already registered by their Service Provider then that information transferred to customer's BGT-100P.

8. BGT-100P store the customer registration information and automatically enable Online-Order Print.

For more information, please contact to MPOS@bixolon.com

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